Engineering after class 12th.Top engineering branches.

Engineering after class 12th.Top engineering branches.
Students who are studying in class 12th with any streams are worry about his future like what courses should be preferred by him after completing his class 12th. Because doesn't know about the best courses so this article are just guidelines for those students who persuing their class twelve with PCM/PCB subjects.

After completing his/her class 12th some students want to do engineering.but they do not about the engineering and how to take admission in engineering college so this article will be helpful for him.

What is an engineering.

Engineering is a technical courses which provides technical knowledge about all things which are doing in these world to students like how the burn khalifa is stable ,how the airplanes are fly in the sky, how the software are made ,how the electricity runs ,how the mobile are and what feature in this mobile and how the chemical are made ,which kind of chemical are used in the different products etc.

Because development which are doing in these world are only due to engineering because engineer make everything which we are use .

All need of the people are fullfill by engineer because they invented many things which will take less effort and also low cost and longer duration all these things are done only by an engineer.

So for any developments in the country engineer are responsible for that development.

Qualifications required for engineering.

For applying in engineering college student should be passed class 12th. With at least 70% marks and students should be belong to either PCM subjects or PCB subjects.

Duration of courses.

Engineering courses are 4 years courses.

Procedure of admission.

Candidate who are willing to do engineering so they have two option .
1. Admission in IIT college or Government college.
2.private college or university

Admission in IIT.

IIT colleges is the high level institute for Engineer courses in India and   IITs are the autonomous Engineering and Management institutes, which are among the top Institutes of India and admission to these Institutes is one of the most difficult tasks for every student.

Getting admitted to IITs is every student’s dream. But, for admission in IITs, one must clear an entrance exam.

1.Entrance exam.

For taking admission in IITs students have to be clear entrance exam JEE mains and JEE advance

Tests .first students have to be clear JEE mains exam then after clearing Students have to be clear the JEE advance exam and then after on the basis of merit IITs colleges are alloted to students and also with their choice of streams.

For taking admission in IITs government take exam of above listed entrance tests every year.and for these notifications for that exam are released during running periods of class 12th. 

Exam of these test are conducted after the exam of class 12th .

Admission in private institute or university.

There are many private institute or university also provide engineering courses.

Admission in private institute or university can be either direct basis or test conducted by institute.

Branches in engineering.

  • Computer Science Engineering

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Information Technology Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • Agricultural engineering

  • Mining engineering

  • Biochemical engineering

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

  • Metallurgical Engineering


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